GOSARGE has pioneered and revolutionized the concept of "Buckling Up With Pride." We are proud to introduce to you the "ARMORPAD." The revolutionary ARMORPAD is the worlds FIRST military decorated seat-belt cushion. With the "ARMORPAD," one can display various heraldic designs, which serve to represent ones service in the military (Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired, etc.). The ARMORPAD also serves as a great medium to represent corporate, collegiate, sports and many other promotional mediums.

MISSION on Safety
Most importantly, our continued level of service to our country, countrymen/woman is in the capacity to encourage drivers and passengers to "Buckle-Up" when commuting. We at GOSARGE care about you and ask that you “Strap Yourself” in when commuting.

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GOSARGE is a Veteran Owned Operation that was founded and forged with 3rd generation family military service. Our “attention to detail” approach on products, custom embroidery and customer service has enabled us to be victorious in both military and non-military business mission settings. The basis of our operation stems greatly from Passion, Integrity, Strength & Honor, Service Before-Self and Superiority in everything we do. We stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we design our own line of award-winning ARMORPAD branded gear. Overall, we admire our Veterans and all their efforts in serving our great nation and nations abroad.

ABCANTRA ​obedience canine training.  Professional dog training and boarding services.  Fully licensed and insured facility.

ABCANTRA obedience training programs begin with face-to-face​ evaluation  of the behavior problems you are experiencing with your dog.  After the evaluation, you are provided with simple and practical procedures to correct those problems.


SERVICE DOG TRAINING--  Service dogs are ones that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities.  Service Dogs provide such tasks as pulling wheelchairs, give an alert when seizures occur, guiding a blind person, assist in specific tasks for the disabled, or give notice of medication times.

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​website:   abcantra.com